Empire Die Casting Co., Inc. Wins Evolution Award

Setting a new trend in energy efficiency

From an Aricle in SmartBusiness Cleveland: What does the road ahead look like for Northeast Ohio manufacturers?

If the past few years are any indication, we’re probably in for more of the same: Tighter supply chains, leaner organizations, greater pressure from globalization, more emphasis on innovation and sustainability, and a focus on customer service.

However, competing today, as well as in the future, requires much more. It requires a systematic change in the mindset, which recognizes that the business models that worked yesterday may no longer be relevant and the operational and delivery systems currently in place should be constantly tested and re-evaluated for efficacy.

Customers today are looking wherever they can to find greater value in their...Continue Reading

Breaking the Mold

The process of die casting aluminum is energy intensive. Thermal energy is required to melt solid aluminum inventory and distribute molten aluminum to casting machines and maintain a supply of molten aluminum at each machine. The current aluminum melt shop at Empire Die Casting Co. Inc., a manufacturer of high pressure aluminum, is not More on Empire Die

Empire Expert Engineering Review: Our product design experts can reduce production costs and improve part performance. Read how.
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