New Chromate Line Installed!

Empire Die Casting recently installed an environmentally safe, chrome-free passivation treatment designed specifically for aluminum alloys. It applies a highly corrosion-resistant conversion coating ideally suited to be painted or left as a stand-alone corrosion resistant barrier. Formally known as chromate conversion coating, chrome-free passivation is an innovative new process that has passed over 1,000 hours of tests performed on numerous aluminum alloys. It also possesses the ability to withstand high temperatures, a unique property that is not found in Hexavalent Chromates. Thus, it is suitable for use on items with high operating temperatures such as automotive engine components and electronic heat sinks. Unlike traditional Chromate treatments that require up to 24 hours to cure to a hard film, the EDC chrome-free passivation provides a hard amorphous crystalline coating as it forms.

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